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BAWSI Leadership Opportunity for Female Athletes

Bay Area Women’s Sports Initiative is seeking graduating or recently graduated female athletes to join its Athlete Leadership Team!

As a member of the Athlete Leadership Team, you are committing to a minimum ten-month, paid, part-time leadership experience with BAWSI. During this time, you will have the opportunity to work on a team of female athletes implementing BAWSI programs in local elementary schools and participate in dedicated time for personal and professional development. In doing so, you will engage, inspire, and empower the children who need us most. Upon completion of your time with BAWSI, you will have experienced authentic service and an empowered sense of your impact as a change maker in the world.

Thank you for joining us and being BAWSI!


Thank you for your interest in volunteering with BAWSI. Volunteers are essential members of our community, and there are many ways to be BAWSI! To get involved, consider joining one or all three of our volunteer teams:

Bay Area Initiatives Team

If you love kids and love to play, join one of our initiatives to volunteer alongside female athletes on the BAWSI playgrounds. This is a great opportunity for volunteers who can commit to being BAWSI once a week for 75 minutes. Programs include BAWSI Girls and BAWSI Rollers. Men are an important part of the women’s sports community too. We welcome male volunteers on our BAWSI Rollers playgrounds.

Events Team

If you love events, this is the team for you! From field trips to see women’s sports on college campuses, to Female Athlete Network (FAN) gatherings, to the BAWSI annual fundraising event, we host several programmatic events that rely on volunteer support.

Office Support Team

Interested in helping BAWSI in the office? Join the Office Support team.

To learn about current volunteer opportunities and join the volunteer team that is right for you, send a message to our team.

Thank you for joining us and being BAWSI!

Female Athlete Network (FAN)

Female athletes are forces for powerful contributions and meaningful changes in the world. As the BAWSI Female Athlete Network (FAN), we join forces to awaken the power of female athletes to be positive change makers.

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The mission of BAWSI is to mobilize the women’s sports community to engage, inspire and empower the children who need us most. The Female Athlete Network is one of our primary mechanisms for mobilizing a network of “FANs” to support BAWSI’s work.

BAWSI hosts speaker events on special topics of interest to female athletes and their parents, coaches, and administrators. Members of our informal network act as stewards of an impressive legacy of women’s sports, and our events allow us to remain educated and prepared to influence local conversation and debate that support future generations of female athletes.  Our network crosses genders and generations, and also supports the children who need us most through volunteerism and financial generosity.

To receive information on future BAWSI FAN events send a message to our team.

Thank you for joining us and being BAWSI!

Community Partners

BAWSI’s impact is based on collaboration and partnerships across a wide-range of sectors, all focused on providing ACCESS© to opportunity for children in our local community.

Our community partners include...

Local Educational Leaders
A key to our success is holding our programs at the school site to break down one of the biggest barriers to participation which is transportation. Based on continuous communication and shared goals for students, we enjoy strong relationships with administrators and principals from local school districts.

With a focus on improved health for our most vulnerable children, we have long-standing financial support from organizations like Kaiser Permanente, El Camino Hospital and Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital. Because of their funding, BAWSI is able to offer our programs free of charge, removing the biggest barrier to participation which is cost.

Local and Global Companies
Corporations dedicated to improving the lives of local children and focused on developing youth who have the least access to extra-curricular activities and organized sports have invested in our BAWSI Girls & BAWSI Rollers programs.

Professional Sports Franchises
With a shared understanding of the power of sports for youth development, we have enjoyed tremendous support from our local professional sports franchises through financial donations, mission-aligned special events, and positive publicity.

Collegiate and High School Athletic Departments and Coaches
Members of the women’s sports community work with us to bring their athletes to our sites where they will pay it forward by bringing the gift of sports to children who have the least opportunity to be involved in a team. These partners realize that as their athletes volunteer as role models and coaches in local schools, there is a reciprocal benefit for their own team bonding and athlete development.

Family Foundations
We are the muscle behind the mission of many local family foundations focused on empowering children in underserved communities, improving the lives of children with disabilities, and developing female leaders.

Community Volunteer Organizations
We are extremely fortunate to benefit from the volunteerism of community organizations like the National Charity League. Through these organizations we are able to operate more efficiently with helping hands, across multiple generations, who provide additional office and event support.

We are often approached to partner with wonderful organizations to help at various events. While we would love to be able to say yes to every opportunity, our reality is constrained. When considering opportunities for partnership, we ask ourselves three questions:

  1. Is this opportunity aligned with our mission to mobilize the women’s sports community to engage, inspire and empower the children who need us most?
  2. Is there a direct benefit to BAWSI’s programs?
  3. Do we have the resources to support the effort?

Want to learn more about the BAWSI Community Partners ?


Thank you for joining us and being BAWSI!

Non-Profit Leadership

Passionate about the BAWSI mission and vision? The BAWSI Board of Directors and the BAWSI Advisory Council provide important support to the work we do.


BAWSI Board of Directors

BAWSI is always on the lookout for influential members of the community who are passionate about our mission and vision, and who have a burning desire to sustain and grow our programmatic reach. We rely on our Board Members for assistance with operational oversight, pro bono professional services, and fundraising support. In short, our Board Members support us by sharing all three resources – time, talent, and treasure.

BAWSI Advisory Council

BAWSI relies on an extended Advisory Council of community leaders who believe deeply in our mission and programs. Our Advisory Council members provide ad hoc support and apply their experience and expertise to help us achieve our mission and goals. Advisory Council members agree to meet one time per year and serve as BAWSI’s ambassadors in the community at large, building BAWSI’s visibility and reputation in ways that extend our reach to the broader community.

To inquire about the BAWSI Board of Directors or BAWSI Advisory Council,
send a message to our team.

Thank you for joining us and being BAWSI!