BAWSI mobilizes the women’s sports community to
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the children who need us the most.
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A weekly after school program using physical activity as a backdrop for building resiliency in second- through fifth-grade girls at underserved schools.

BAWSI Rollers

A weekly adaptive fitness and confidence-building program that offers fun and accessible physical activities to girls and boys with physical, hearing, and cognitive disabilities.

BAWSI programs build resiliency and create opportunity through ACCESS:

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On Connection and Expectations:

“BAWSI Girls is not just a way to build leadership skills and healthy bodies- it is a pathway from poverty. The BAWSI Athletes are lighthouse beacons who show these daughters how to obtain a future that includes higher education and good choices. Anyone can make a difference but it takes a team to make an impact on ending poverty!”

Devorah Duncan
Principal at Dorsa Elementary School

On Activity:

“BAWSI has built up our girls’ participation in sports related events and gotten more to engage in active play as well as after school sports teams offered by the school.”

Pamela Cheng
Principal at Lakewood Elementary School

On Contribution:

“It has also built leadership and desire to take care of our school. After BAWSI, three BAWSI girls started a Beautification Club that got their friends to help clean up the campus during their recess and lunch times.”

Pamela Cheng
Principal at Lakewood Elementary School

On Skills for Life:

“They became more motivated to participate. They usually don’t have many opportunities to work as a team and sometimes kids on the Autism spectrum are “in their own world” so teaching them how to be a part of a team and work together is so important. BAWSI Rollers has helped increase their patience, their frustration tolerance as well as increase their self-regulation.”

Christa Healy
Occupational Therapist at Farnham Elementary

On Sense of Belonging:

“I learned that there are people that will support me, help me work on my muscle, and give me energy.”

Vargas Elementary

Thank you BAWSI Gold Level Sponsors

Marilyn Rosenthal Foundation
Marilyn Rosenthal Foundation
El Camino Healthcare District
El Camino Hospital
Elaine S. Elkin
Martin Family Foundation
Heartbeat Ideas
Martin Family Foundation
Morgan Family Foundation
Palo Altos Medical Foundation - Sutter Health
Palo Altos Medical Foundation - Sutter Health
Palo Altos Medical Foundation - Sutter Health
Morgan Family Foundation
Morgan Family Foundation