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BAWSI FAN Breakfast 2017 Fueling for Performance: the Myths, Pitfalls, & Warning Signs for Female Athletes

Tuesday, Nov. 7, 2017
8:30 – 10:00 am
Fremont Hills Country Club, Los Altos Hills, CA

BAWSI Girls and BAWSI Rollers Site Visits – please contact the BAWSI office at 408-247-2544

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BAWSI Newsletter

September 2017: View Now

Features include:

  • BAWSI Finishes Strong on the Playgrounds this Spring
  • Santa Clara University and Stanford Play Host to Successful BAWSI Girls Game Days
  • Association of California School Administrators (ACSA) Honors BAWSI with County and State-wide Award for Partner in Educational Excellence
  • BAWSI’s Evening at the Olympics Continues to Grow
  • Earthquakes Host An Afternoon to “Get Your Daughters in the Game”
  • San Francisco 49ers Host THINK Gold! for High School Athletes
  • Farewell and Good Luck to the 2016-17 BAWSI Posse
  • SF Giants Celebrate the 45th Anniversary of Title IX
  • Brandi Chastain Inducted into U.S. Soccer Hall of Fame
  • Giving Circle Launches for Blackford Elementary
  • Where Are They Now? A Regular Feature on Former BAWSI Staffers
  • Julie Foudy Book Signing
  • Save the Dates
January 2017: View Now

Features include:

  • BAWSI Girls Program Expands to Redwood City
  • BAWSI Girls Alum Starts College & Discovers Rugby
  • Former Athlete Leader, Carrie Dew Staley, Mobilizes Support for BAWSI Rollers
  • Fall Site Visits
  • Meet Our Athlete Leaders for the Spring (and Help us Recruit More)
  • West Coast Conference SAAC Leaders Get BAWSI
  • A Visit From Tajikistan – Play Unites the World
  • BAWSI Moves a Crowd of 5,000 at the 1st Annual World Wide Women Girls’ Festival in San Francisco
  • Local Legends Host the Women’s Soccer College Cup
  • BAWSI Gets Some Consulting Help from Harvard Business School Community Partners

BAWSI in the Media

BAWSI Videos

Spirit of Achievement: Part of the Team

Jacque Rodriguez’s amazing journey from BAWSI Rollers to the JV Tennis Team at Del Mar HS


BAWSI Girls having fun


Michelle Ramirez narrates her experience as a BAWSI Girl

BAWSI Rollers

BAWSI Roller is excited to complete the session

BAWSI Playbook

In 2012, BAWSI began hearing from coaches and female athletes around the country wanting to know how they could get involved in BAWSI’s programs. In response, we created BAWSI Play!, a free toolkit that equips any team of female athletes with the tools, resources, and support they need to initiate and lead their own programs to get underserved elementary school students moving and involved in fun, active play.

Feel free to use this to start your own program, all we ask is that you drop us a line at to let us know who you are and what you are doing so we can celebrate the reach of this movement.

BAWSI Play! consists of (1) a how-to-get-started Handbook for coaches and athletic departments, (2) a step-by-step guide called the Playbook for the athletes to use to get kids moving on the playground, and (3) an Activities book with more than 30 fitness activities and game ideas and (4) feedback forms.

  1. Step 1: BAWSI Play! Handbook
  2. Step 2: BAWSI Play! Athlete Playbook
  3. Step 3: BAWSI Play! Activities
  4. Step 4: BAWSI Play! Feedback Forms

BAWSI Trophy Case

We have been honored by:

  • International Olympic Committee
  • San Jose City Council (4x)
  • The Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness
  • Congresswoman Anna Eshoo
  • Santa Clara County Department of Education
  • YMCA

BAWSI All Stars

Youth development and women’s sports community resources

The Aspen Institute

The Aspen Institute is a nonpartisan forum for values-based leadership and the exchange of ideas. The Aspen Institute has earned a reputation for gathering diverse, nonpartisan thought leaders, creatives, scholars and members of the public to address some of the world’s most complex problems.

View a Research Brief available on The Aspen Institute website:
Sport Participation Rates among Underserved American Youth


espnW serves women who love sports. provides an engaging environment that offers total access to female athletes and the sports they play, takes fans inside the biggest events, and shares a unique point of view on the sports stories that matter most to women.

Ernst & Young – Women Athletes Business Network

The EY Women Athlete Business Network has a goal to create an environment that supports elite female athletes who seek to develop their leadership potential beyond their sporting careers.

Articles from the EY Women Athlete Business Network

Fair Play for Girls in Sports

Fair Play for Girls in Sports promotes the health, well-being, education, and future employment opportunities of girls in grades K-12, particularly in low-income areas, by ensuring sports programs provided by public schools and park and recreation departments afford girls equal athletic opportunities as required by Title IX and California state law AB 2404.

Greater Good

The Greater Good Science Center studies the psychology, sociology, and neuroscience of well-being, and teaches skills that foster a thriving, resilient, and compassionate society.

National Center on Health, Physical Activity and Disability (NCHPAD)

NCHPAD is a public health practice and resource center on health promotion for people with disability. NCHPAD seeks to help people with disability and other chronic health conditions achieve health benefits through increased participation in all types of physical and social activities, including fitness and aquatic activities, recreational and sports programs, adaptive equipment usage, and more.

National Consortium for Physical Education & Recreation for Individuals with Disabilities

NCPEID’s mission is to promote research, professional preparation, service delivery, and advocacy of Physical Education for individuals with disabilities.

Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA)

Positive Coaching Alliance is a national non-profit developing “Better Athletes, Better People” by working to provide all youth and high school athletes a positive, character-building youth sports experience.

The Tucker Center for Research on Girls and Women in Sport

The first of its kind in the world, the Tucker Center is an interdisciplinary research center leading a pioneering effort to examine how sport and physical activity affect the lives of girls and women, their families, and communities.

University of Michigan – SHARP -Sport Health and Activity Research and Policy Center

The Sport, Health, and Activity Research and Policy Center (SHARP) researches and creates real world solutions to our most pressing questions in public health and health care, deploying gender as a critical lens.

Women’s Sports Foundation (WSF)

The Women’s Sports Foundation is dedicated to advancing the lives of girls and women through sports and physical activity